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DigitalSpeak Law
A legal voice in the digital conversation


We strive to empower the digital community at large to better understand the legal issues affecting the digital realm.

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We provide legal expertise and thought leadership on the law of digital media, data privacy, internet regulation, and other digital communication topics.

From the Internet of Things to smart apps that help you organize your things, we examine the legal aspects of life in the metaverse.


Whether you're a digital creator, influencer, entrepreneur, or avid user, our insights can help you understand the legal landscape that affects your interaction with the digital community.

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Capturing Art
Hiding from View
Mobile Websites
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Emoji Balloons
Digital Mind
Fashion Blog
Digital social media

Double-click on the photos or scroll through the below slide show to see some of our digital spheres,

Capturing Art

Intellectual Property and Digital Rights

Add a Title

Data Privacy and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile Design

Digital Advertising and Disclosures

Digital social media

Social Media and Consumer Apps


Internet Regulation and User Protection

Digital Mind_edited

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Connected Devices

Emoji Balloons_edited

Digital Communication and Online Speech

Fashion Blog

Digital Property Rights

Digital Law


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We are a Washington, D.C.-based women-owned virtual law firm that specializes in delivering relevant legal insights and compelling content on the laws and policies that affect our digital lives.


Building on experience advising businesses, financial institutions, and agencies on regulatory compliance across a variety of industries. we now help digital users better understand their digital rights, assess their compliance with key regulations, and respond to new challenges facing the digital community. 

Headquartered in the nation’s capital — but connected to the global digital community — we combine legal intelligence with tech-savvy expertise to help digital professionals and enthusiasts alike navigate today’s ever-evolving digital legal landscape.

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DigitalSpeak Law 

a legal voice in the digital conversation.

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