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Our Digital Spectrum

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Digital social media

Digital Communication and Online Speech

  • Digital speech

  • Social media and user interaction

  • Content moderation

  • Cyber speech rights and censorship

  • Cyber defamation

  • Hate speech and cyber bullying

  • Platform liability

  • Infodemics and misinformation

  • Employee rights and employer policies

  • Shield laws and journalist's privilege

Digital Media and Intellectual Property

  • Digital assets

  • Consumer applications and software

  • Digital art and photos

  • Copyrights and trademarks

  • Website and blog content

  • Branding and likeness

  •  Domain names and cybersquatting

  • Member lists and subscriber databases

Digital Privacy and the Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Data privacy

  • Data collection and dissemination

  • User rights and consumer protection

  • Cookies and web beacons

  • Third-party data sharing

  • Surveillance economy and Big Data

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Biometrics and facial recognition

  • Opt-in vs. opt-out policies

  • Right to be forgotten

  • Website privacy notices

Internet Policy and User Protection

  • Broadband and the Digital Divide

  • Internet regulation and net neutrality

  • Protection of minors

  • Cyber threats and cyber bullying

  • Cyber harassment and cyber stalking

  • Revenge porn

  • Dating sites and user safety

  • Terms of use policies

  • Accessibility

  • Fair treatment and discrimination

  • Spyware and bots

Digital Advertising and Online Commerce

  • Advertising disclosures

  • Unfair and deceptive practices

  • Internet influencers 

  • Affiliates and third parties

  • Platform and site liability

  • Contests and promotions

  • Polls and surveys

  • Online reviews

  • Digital contracts

  • Marketing/advertising technology (mar-tech and ad-tech) practices

  • Targeted ads

Digital Rights and Licenses

  • Licensing agreements

  • Creative Commons and public domain

  • Digital content protection

  • Permissions and content sharing

  • Streaming media and music sharing

  • Trademark and copyright infringement

  • Digital piracy

  • Unauthorized use of images

  • Deepfake videos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Connected Devices

  • Algorithms and business analytics

  • Machine learning and neural networks

  • Dark web and black box

  • Algorithm bias

  • Smart phones, smart watches, and smart fitness products

  • Biometric and health data sharing

  • Smart homes and smart appliances

  • Virtual Assistants and voice-enabled speakers

  • Self-driving vehicles and robotics

What We Do

What We Do
Colorful Translucent Glass
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Recognize Digital Challenges

DigitalSpeak Law combines legal intelligence with tech-savvy expertise to help digital users better understand their digital rights, assess their compliance with critical federal and state regulations, and respond to new challenges in the digital realm.

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